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Helen Wilson… Ferments & Pickles

Plant & Produce Fair September 10th 10 am – 4 pm

Fermenting & Pickling Tuition demonstrations 11 am . 12:30 pm . 2 pm

"I know it is cool to ferment, but for me it means a whole lot more… when fruit is dripping off trees I start concocting a ferment in my head to incorporate sweet with a herb or aromatic… not jam – I can't do sugar, being Type 1 Diabetic. So low carb, gut enhancing ferments are my magic.

As part of a community social enterprise –the Oak Tree Community Farm in Playford, I'm in charge of fermenting what gluts they have, so we get a more interesting take on beetroot or broad beans for example. And members are loving it. There's a small team of us who share ideas and recipes; members provide jars and return them; and we fill them with surprise ferments. I'm also a big fan of seaweed so I forage this and it will be creeping into recipes very soon… Watch this space.“

Helen with her lovely rescue dog, Gino. Helen Wilson is a Professional Gardener who grows organically in her own Suffolk garden. She has really noticed the health benefits from making produce from scratch, using fresh ingredients and introducing ferments into her diet. When not gardening and teaching fermenting skills, Helen makes beautifully individual pieces of furniture using her love of wood, style and practicality:

Red Cabbage Kimchi



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