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Not a crust left for a hungry Labrador !

The sign of a deliciously authentic pizza has to be the empty pizza boxes... You know how people always leave a bit of a far-too-chewy crust ? Not a morsel was left last night.

Douglas still had a pretty good time hunting hopefully through the pile of empty boxes though.

Mike's background as a chef and a trip to Italy was the inspiration to start a mobile pizza business in Suffolk.. learning skills from an Italian chef in order to master the art of truly good pizza-making. Attention to detail shows; sourcing the correct flour from Italy to hand-stretch their Neapolitan-style pizzas; fresh ingredients for toppings; a drizzle of white truffle oil on a pizza funghi.

ESVH first pop-up pizza event was a lovely relaxed and sociable evening.. sunny enough to have café tables outside for the first time this summer. A little bit of mellow jazz playing in the hall and the buzz of conversation as people came to collect made-to-order wood-fired pizzas.

Suffolk Wild Flour Pizza & ESVH Bar will return for another pop-up at the end of the summer...



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