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Autumn Art Exhibition 2023

Our inaugural Art Exhibition: it was all hands on deck on the opening day, boating analogy quite literal, as the the road outside the Village Hall quickly turned into a river rushing downhill to flood the village. A few stranded folk took shelter in the hall and the kettle was on. Sadly the Artists' Private View had to be cancelled on Friday evening, but somehow the exhibition opened on time on Saturday 21st at 1pm and we are grateful to those who braved the weather to come to a Saturday evening PV. We had many more apologies than visitors over the weekend as inevitably people were rescuing abandoned cars, baling out stables, cellars and outbuildings, and assessing the damage to homes. On Sunday the sun restored calm and created a beautiful light in the hall allowing us to see the potential of the space for future exhibitions.

Behind The Scenes: We are grateful to a fantastic team of artists, ESVH committee members and supporters. With particular thanks to Spadge Hopkins, Jane Martin, Klara Ashwell and Alfie Demmon; also Alice and Kea Ridley and Mel Perkins; Susie Starke and Vivienne Taylor.



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