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ESVH Secretary keeping in touch...

Pictured: our Secretary keeping in touch from 1000km away – and the view she was enjoying at the time. Scroll down to read more from Susie Starke.

"I have been a Committee Member and Secretary for ESVH for about a year. They say retirement brings new interests and this certainly has been interesting! I am enjoying being part of a caring group of local people all keen to help the Village Hall maintain its vital place in the community, looking forward to a very positive future with ambitious plans for improvements and renovations. Thanks to modern day communication I was able to keep up to speed with events while recently spending over two months in a lovely part of south-eastern France, where I regularly go with my family, walking in the mountains, swimming in the river and shopping at the wonderful local market.

We have been visiting the same village for so many years that we have become part of that community, and are often invited to social events in their ‘Village Hall’. Bring-a-plate parties have given me the opportunity to introduce my neighbours to cheese scones, sausage rolls, cucumber sandwiches and trifle, which were polished off with enthusiasm. The marmite sandwiches were not so popular …. The best thing about community events in France is the way that every generation joins in with the music, the games and the lively conversations - young people sitting (and dancing) with residents who still remember the first half of the last century, revelling in each other’s company. I would love to see more of that at our Village Hall." Susie Starke, ESVH Secretary. July 2023.



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